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EPITAFI (moixons) | generative video | 2011 |

EPITAFI (MOIXONS) is a video installation generated in real time, consisting of three 7" screens. The manipulation of time distorts the image which becomes text and stain.


EPITAFI (moixons) | vĂ­deo | 3' 50" | 2011 |

EPITAFI (MOIXONS) is a fragment of the video installation generated in real time titled with the same name. The images are constantly generated from the manipulation and alteration of the time and opacity of three loops, as well as the inclusion of texts.
Subjected to progressively slowed time and mixed with text, the image is dissolved in a contemplative tempo, while it is distorted to be a stain, where both the signifier and the meaning shall be canceled.
Screening:8th Busan International Video Festival